Staff Augmentation

The team or the workforce of a company is the soul of the company and directly affects the productivity and the quality of output. Hiring the right team which constitutes of compatible professionals is in itself a herculean task
Resorting to Quality Output and Productivity Oriented Models in Software Development through Staff Augmentation

The team or the workforce of a company is the soul of the company and directly affects the productivity and the quality of output. Hiring the right team which constitutes of compatible professionals is in itself a herculean task. The company then has to focus on creating the necessary infrastructure which is fully equipped to adapt itself according to the requirements of the client and the creativity of the team.

To assist the company in meeting its objectives, new trends have always been helpful. A recent trend to join in this category has been staff augmentation which is one of the ways of remotely hiring specific staff for the completion of projects.

Staff augmentation has become particularly popular in the IT industry since the trends in the industry keep on changing and one needs to stay in touch with fresh talent to understand the requirement of the client. Many times, the project briefing by the client may also implore a firm to hire new talent that possesses specific skill set. In such a scenario, staff augmentation comes in as a helping hand that allows you to assist your in-house development staff with skilled technical professionals that can be augmented from anywhere and everywhere.

Staff augmentation checklist

Staff augmentation is a tricky procedure to understand. If the company is not careful enough to analyse its needs and technical competencies, they might only be adding extra people to the team, thus creating confusion and chaos in the team. It is because of this reason that scrutinising the needs of the team and the existing infrastructure is of the utmost importance when it comes to deciding on staff augmentation.

So, if as a firm, you are suffering from a similar dilemma, here is a checklist which shall allow you to take the decision

The local market is not able to suffice with your requirement

If you are a software development firm, you might already have a dedicated team of developers who have had several years of experience in the field and understand the dynamics of the firm.If you are planning to extend the team to include programmers who have technical expertise in different aspects but the local market is not able to provide you with the required talent. In such a scenario, outsourcing the necessary staff by means of augmentation is more viable option which guarantees quality results.

Extension of search to other geographical locations

So, you are a web development company looking to add new technical professionals to the team as part of developing a new project which requires the incorporation of some specific technology? The professionals are hard to find in your country?
Well, fret not for we have got you covered. With the help of staff augmentation, you can hire a stack of professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and talents to cater to your new project. What more? The added advantage that comes along with staff augmentation is that you can hire professionals from all across the world and manage them right from your location.

Synergise your company goals with your staff’s working

Hiring an outsourcing company is not the end of the road, isn’t it? As a professional, you must have incurred situations where managing and coordinating with the outsourced team has turned into a herculean task. The outsourcing company might follow a different business model which may or may not be in synergy with your current business model.


Value-added to the team

Staff augmentation ensures a higher productivity level and the results are certainly above par than the expectations as the developers from all across the world are accommodated for the completion of a common task. The following are the primary benefits of hiring staff by means of augmentation

Legal rights

When it comes to staff augmentation, one can be absolutely sure about safeguarding their intellectual property. Right from the start of the project, all the IP rights exclusively belong to the company who has hired augmented staff for the project.

Maximisation of output

Another major benefit of hiring a dedicated team of developers by means of augmentation is that it allows the firm to derive maximum output without compromising with the quality of the output. Staff augmentation allows a company to hire from a pool of talent that is available from all across the world. The hired staff is more flexible and competent with your current staff which ensures the delivery of quality output.

Minimisation of cost

Cost cutting is a major concern for the firm of every size. In such a situation, hiring additional staff must be done in a manner which does not add to the cost without adding extra profit for the company. Staff augmentation comes to the rescue in such cases as it does not add to the cost of the input. The firm does not have to spend any extra money on the creation of infrastructure. Since talent is outsourced from all across the world, there is no need to create a separate physical infrastructure. Moreover, the administration and organisation are handled by the vendor who charges a common fee for all the tasks.

In totality, staff augmentation offers a wider opportunity to the development company as they get to choose from the diverse pool of talent that is available for the firms. Moreover, it is also a more cost-effective and convenient manner to get the desired level of output within a stipulated time. If you need help with analysing the efficacy of staff augmentation, reach out to us and we shall offer you with the most relevant advice in the subject.


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